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Founded in 1988, DAX Communications Inc. is first and foremost a communications company. Our objective is to build relationships with organizations requiring support in the positioning, management and development of communications products.

These communications products are usually not the end goal, but a means to support a broader strategy. The strategy usually involves the enhancement of user experiences for that organization's clients, customers or citizens.

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The two environments in which DAX focuses its activities include the Internet with its unique feature of interactivity; as well as the more traditional print media, with its variety of products.

DAX's clients have represented both private and public sector organizations, and their perspectives have ranged in scope from local to international.

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Examples of the types of services, clients and projects in which DAX has been involved, include:

  • Usability & Design
    • International - (United Nations - New York) strategic review and user needs assessment of the UNICEF web site worldwide.
    • Intranet - (Department of National Defence - Ottawa) - assess stakeholder and management needs, design interface prototype and test usability of executive management planning tool.
    • E-commerce: (PWGSC - Translation Bureau - Hull) - assess user needs, design and test usability of an online writing, editing and translation tool having over 1 million terms (Termium)

    Web Development
    • Public Information - (Environment Canada - Hull) design and develop an information based web site for Clean Air using government look and feel guidelines, along with supporting printed materials;
    • Database Access - (Regional Municipality of Ottawa-Carleton) - design and develop a water quality web-site giving access to database of water quality test results and elemental information;
    • Events: (ScubaRock - Brockville/Prescott) - design and develop a community web site for a 3 month event with a Canada/US market; develop and implement all print materials for a direct mail/web response campaign.

    Print Product Services
    • Publications - (Tracking Key Environmental Issues - Environment Canada - Hull) working with a diverse team of contributors and scientific content - select and edit images, design, layout and manage the creative production of a publication targeted at Canadian citizens;
    • Catalogues - (Publications Catalogue - Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops - Ottawa) - design, layout and integrate several different publications into a single, higher quality sales catalogue;
    • Newsletters: (Connections - Nortel Pioneers) - acting as the national editor, collaborate with local organizations to develop, write and translate stories for a quarterly newsletter - also, design, layout and print manage each issue.

If you have a communications requirement related either to the web or printed products, and would like to discuss it further please contact us to arrange an appointment.

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