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Human-Computer Interaction (HCI}, also known as Computer-Human Interaction (CHI), is a broad field of study containing three components - interaction, people and computers. Unlike a related field known as Human Factors, which looks primarily at the human aspects of any type of designed object, HCI looks at both the human and the machine, but a smaller group of machines - they are interactive and tend to be computer driven with interfaces.

It is a wide interdisciplinary field touching areas of computing science, psychology, sociology and anthropology, and industrial design. Samplings of some of the areas of concern include task performance, communications, human capabilities, specifications, design and programming to name a few.

The problem with this somewhat undefined field of study, is that the types of research questions and studies conducted, depend somewhat on which component of this field the researcher is focused upon, the human, the computer or their communication with each other - the interaction.

At DAX our interest in HCI is as a framework to examine different ways of designing interactive experiences. Experiences such as browsing web sites can be made more useful and usable to the user and increase their level of satisfaction, functionality and reduce critical errors. By choosing a user-centered approach to our designs, and focusing on issues of usability, we ultimately improve your customer's interactive experience.

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The topic areas in our HCI Research section are there, merely to peek your interest and offer a look at some of the issues that may influence a user's experience.

If there is a common theme to these publications and web sites, it is that the ideas being expressed in some way have an impact on the usability of the user's interactive experience.

This area by no means is intended to be an exhaustive list or a representation of the field as a whole, but merely a sampling of some of the areas, which we feel are topical and of interest.

At DAX, we feel that its important to share the more rigorous and academic perspectives offered by research, and as such this section contains mostly research papers. Some may cover a specific concept in great detail, while others take a broader look at a topic.

The intention here is to share information resources with visitors to this site for personal and informational purposes. All copyrights and ownership continue to rest with the authors of the various publications contained in our 'HCI Research' section. DAX in no way, implicitly or explicitly authorizes the use of this information, beyond what is currently granted by the existing authors and owners of the information.

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