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By choosing to enhance your customer's interactive experience, you'll need a gauge or standard against which you can measure that experience. That standard, is the usability and usefulness of the interaction — to your customer.

As an example, studying the usability of your web site might examine how easy it is for your customer to learn their way around. It may look at the types and frequency of errors your customers make. It may also ask if they like using the site — or why not!

The usefulness of the site examines how successful your customer was at achieving their goals. These goals can be as varied as seeking information;  trying to complete a transaction such a purchase or registration; communicating information or perhaps simply being entertained.

Usability can have direct and significant effects on your business. One study (Rehman, 2000) revealed that over 40% of failed purchase attempts on e-commerce sites where due to difficulties during the checkout process — a usability issue.

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At DAX our user-centered approach to web design will offer you support in:

  • identifying gaps among stakeholder's visions,
  • assessing user needs and session goals,
  • analysing, observing and documenting user tasks,
  • conceptualizing user experiences, site navigation & information architecture
  • establishing usability goals for the interface,
  • testing design prototypes for usability,
  • evaluating usability tests and user reactions,
  • coordinating & liaising with design/ development teams on usability requirements,
  • project management.

The area of human-computer interaction (HCI) is a broad and relatively new area of study, of which usability is one issue. Your relationship with DAX will provide you with an opportunity to keep abreast of some of the other issues, recent research findings, and methods for enhancing your customer's experience.

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