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As a business organization your business revolves around the needs of your customers.

Because your business revolves around customers, you have a need to develop relationships with them. As relationships grow from ongoing interactions, your communications and your communications products play a critical role in your 'customer's experience'.

Therefore, one of the most effective strategies to ensure customer satisfaction, business growth and survival, is to focus much of your attention and resources on your customer's experiences with your organization.

At DAX our interest is in helping you create better customer experiences through the web and with print. The web, an interactive media requires a very different approach to building good customer experiences than the more traditional, static medium of print.

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In both media your customer's experiences must meet their needs, be usable and useful. This is true whether you are providing information, initiating a customer transaction, or providing an opportunity for communication.

At DAX our focus is on the usability and the design of products which enhance your customer's experience.

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